Endoscopy unit

We offer the most advanced technology

EndoscopeEndoscopy Unit offers the most advanced technology that allows us to not only diagnose but also to implement therapeutic techniques that in many cases avoid the need for conventional surgery.

With patient comfort in mind, we were the first to design an endoscopy unit that allows the sedation and monitoring of all cases. We participate in the development and use of new forms of treatment for gastrointestinal bleeding and the use of endoscopic gastrostomy to maintain an appropriate enteral nutrition. We are pioneers in:

  • Intragastric balloon placement
    • The intragastric balloon is a device conceived to help weight loss in obese patients. The balloon is a silicone sphere which, once introduced into the stomach, is filled with 600 ml of water and left to float freely in the stomach cavity. It partially occupies the stomach which hinders its emptying and produces a reduction in the sensation of hunger and early repleteness. This allows an appropriate diet to be followed and can change the dietary and exercise habits necessary to achieve weight loss and maintain it during the following months.

  • Primary obesity surgery for the treatment of obesity
    • Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal (POSE) is a safe and less invasive endoscopic treatment for obesity, achieved by endoscopy via the mouth which obviates any need for incisions to provide access. The procedure consists of making folds in the stomach and suturing them to reduce its size. This treatment causes the patient to feel replete after ingesting only a small quantity of food.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of bleeding lesions of the small intestine: capsule endoscopy and therapeutic enteroscopy
    • Capsule endoscopy is a Diagnostic Imaging Technique that allows the study of the small intestine. It is useful in the assessment of the level of anaemia of unknown cause, haemorrhage of unknown origin and the monitoring of patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The capsule is small and easy to swallow. The capsule captures images that are stored in a "Holter" type recorder, which are later analysed by the doctor.
    • Double Balloon Enteroscopy is a new endoscopic technique that allows the diagnosis and treatment of lesions of the small intestine. Until recently this organ was inaccessible without surgery due to its great length (approximately 8 metres). This push-pull enteroscope advances along the intestine by inflating and deflating the two balloons, and permits the treatment of identified lesions (coagulation, polypectomy, sclerosis, biopsies).