External care

Private care services available to you

External careExternal careClub Teknon can provide you with information on private care services to help in your recuperation:

  • First-Class Residential Centre
  • Private home care: a team of nurses and physiotherapists will help you with your daily tasks: mobility, personal hygiene, etc.
  • Orthopaedics: lease of beds to suit your mobility needs, delivery of products to your home, etc.
  • Private home support service: a social worker will need to assess your circumstances in order to provide you with the required assistance.
  • Home health care: a nurse can visit your home every 48 hours to administer the required care and advise you on your recuperation.
  • Home help: after your time at the centre, a home help can assist you in your recuperation by taking care of your household cleaning and catering needs, offering you any assistance required.

Your Club Assistant can arrange appointments with specialists at the Campus.