Early diagnosis is one of the key factors in the prevention and diagnosis of a large number of diseases that do not show any prior symptoms in the patient. The Hospital Quirón Teknon Annual Check-up Program risk factors that could alter your health to be detected using a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and personalized exploration, adapted to your sex, age and y personal history supported by state-of-the-art technology.

Any time is ideal for a check-up

Medical check-ups are recommended for all those who are interested in the state of their health and to detect harmful risk factors as soon as possible. In only one day, you can have a medical check-up to verify the state of your health on a circuit that has been designed for both patient and companion comfort.

The Teknon medical check-up program is for both those people who enjoy good health and have no symptoms, as well as those who have a chronic condition or are displaying certain symptoms, independently of whether they are undergoing treatment or not and who would like to evaluate the repercussion of their illness on other organs or systems and to prevent future problems.

In some treatments, such as oncology or cardiovascular diseases, a periodic check-up can be the tool to follow the evolution and remission of the disease.

Why in the Hospital Quirón Teknon?

Hospital Quirón Teknon has quality professionals in all medical-surgical specialties, supported by the latest in infrastructure and technology. Thus, we are prepared to offer you, in only one day, a complete, comprehensive and personalized diagnosis, with an adaptable circuit that facilitates further testing as would be the need as ordered by the coordinating specialist of the check-up. We guarantee maximum personalization of the check-up through five program types (five program types (Comprehensive Check-up, Oncology Check-up, Cardiovascular Check-up, Sports Check-up, Dental Check-up).

A personalized treatment with maximum ease

The International Patient Program includes all you need for your well-being and satisfaction, including door to door service, planning of the trip, airport pick up and transfer to the clinic or hotel. A translation service is available as well as someone to accompany your relatives throughout the duration of your stay at the center.

When considering what is best for you, we have designed a circuit of check-ups so that all the tests can be carried out at our facilities and in a single day, under the guidance of the coordinating medical specialist and accompanied at all times by an interpreter assistant, who will provide all the necessary information and assistance.

Following our culture for details, we have also taken into consideration the well-being of your companions. For this reason, we offer them a private room, which is calm and comfortable, where they will be able to relax, read, surf the internet and enjoy delicious food.

The medical coordinator of the program will assess each test immediately and in a consultation visit, he will advise and indicate the actions and treatments that could be necessary, depending on the results. If other tests are recommended, these will be programmed immediately for the same day, unless special preparation is required, in which case, the said test will be programmed as soon as possible.
Teknon, excellence in an exclusive environment

Hospital Quirón Teknon, in Barcelona, is a leading hospital in Spain's private health sector and has some of the best medical professionals in Europe. This fact means that this clinic is a center of excellence in medical-surgical specialties. The center is governed by a rigorous culture of quality management, patient oriented in an environment of maximum safety, which has earned this clinic a number of internationally prestigious accreditations.

Download: Comprehensive medical check-up program (225.9 KB) (2 pages)