International Visitors Program

An assistant of this program will offer you integral and personalized attention

With the comfort and needs of the non-Spanish speaking patients seeking the services of our centre in mind, Teknon has put together ​​an International Programme to provide for all our patients' needs based on their own language and culture. As a result, before, during and after your admission, an assistant from the International Programme will be available to provide you with comprehensive and personalised care in your own language.

Before your admission, the following will be available to you through our International Area:

  • Advice about the specialist and the most appropriate treatment in your particular case
  • Scheduling of your appointments to coordinate the times
  • Help with travel plans (booking hotels, organising transport, visitor letter for processing the visa, etc.)
  • Estimate of costs for your treatment and/or stay at the centre
  • Detailed information about the centre and the services it provides

During your admission:

  • You will have access to the services of an assistant who speaks your language and will accompany you during medical consultations, planning of diagnostic tests and your admission to the centre, if you have to be admitted.
  • In this case, you will be admitted to Club Teknon, where patients are provided with a personalised service and a pleasant and exclusive stay.
  • You will have access to a private office for taking care of the administrative formalities when you are admitted and discharged.
  • During your stay, you will have access to international television channels in different languages.
  • At Hospital Quirón Teknon, we take our patients'dietary needs very seriously, adapting to your culture and requests, always under the supervision of specialist who is looking after you.


  • We will give you copies of your medical reports translated into your own language.
  • We will organise future care, providing you with all the information you need about specialists and estimated costs for the care, and helping you with all the arrangements so that, when you return to our centre, you will not have to worry about anything.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get in touch with the Teknon International Patient Program?

The Teknon International Patient Program assistants will be able to advise you and provide you with information about the treatments and services you need during the Patient Services office hours (from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., GMT +1).

If you prefer, you can contact our International Patient Programme by filling this formThis link opens in a popup window.

Once we have received the information, we will get in touch with you by telephone or e-mail (you can let us know on the form which method you prefer that we use) to give you the information you need for your visit.

It is important that you do not make travel plans until the care tailored to your case at the centre is confirmed.

Once you arrive at Teknon, you will be asked to make a financial deposit to cover expenses related to your care during your stay in our centre.

For further information, please contact us by telephone (+34 93 290 62 47) or by e-mail (internationalreception@teknon.esThis link opens in a popup window).

To see a doctor at Teknon, do I need to be referred by a doctor in my own country?

No, you do not have to first be referred by a specialist in your own country to have a consultation at Teknon Medical Centre. Once you send us your request form, the International Area will get in touch with you to advise you.

What should I bring with me for my first appointment at Teknon?

It is important for your first appointment with one of our specialists that you bring all the medical reports and diagnostic test results you have, if you have them in your possession. Once your care is complete, the documents will be returned to you.

Even though you may bring diagnostic tests you had in your own country, the specialist treating you may ask for certain medical tests to be repeated in order to confirm the diagnosis. The high technology used at our centre will provide conclusive results for the proper diagnosis of your condition.

You should also bring a list of any medicines you are currently being treated with.

If I am to be admitted, where will my room be?

If you are to be admitted, unless your illness requires a specialised unit, such as in the case of Paediatrics, Oncology, Intensive Care, Day Surgery, outpatient cancer treatments and admissions for less than a day, you will be accommodated in one of the rooms in Club Teknon, which has 31 standard rooms and 3 suites.

Club Teknon is on the third floor and has exclusive hotel services to provide you with as pleasant and personalised a stay as possible. A lounge and leisure room for companions is among thebenefits offered by Club Teknon. Room service includes daily newspapers and a wide selection of international channels.

The Club Teknon services are extended to all private patients who for medical reasons are accommodated on other floors.

What facilities does Teknon provide for companions?

Although you may come on your own, we recommend that you bring a friend or family member with you. Teknon Medical Centre has a range of services available for your companion, such as:

Cafeteria – Restaurant. There are two cafeterias/restaurants on Teknon's main floor offering exceptional cuisine based on the Mediterranean Diet.
Companion bed. All rooms have a bed to allow a companion to stay overnight.
Bookshop. We have two bookshops, one on the ground floor and another in the basement (floor -1), where you can purchase newspapers and magazines, gifts, toiletries, etc.

Will I have an Internet connection?

During your stay at the centre, you will have free Wi-Fi internet access.