Excess Weight and Obesity Unit

It has been classified as the epidemic of the 21st century

Obesity is a serious and complex condition because of its heterogeneous nature and associated disorders such as diabetes, sleep apnoea, cholesterol or hypertension. It also affects the patient's mental health, self-esteem and quality of life. It has therefore been classified as the epidemic of the 21st century.

Although morbid obesity is also related to poor nutritional habits, there are genetic and familial factors that predispose to this disease. In many patients, diet treatments do not achieve the weight loss required to reach an optimal state of health and they require other therapeutic options. Multidisciplinary programmes against obesity are effective tools that help the patient to reach his or her targets not only in the short but also in the medium and long term, as it is a chronic condition.

Choice of treatment

Each patient is unique. Besides quantitative analysis, calculating the Body Mass Index, the diagnosis and choice of treatment should be based on a thorough, individualised study that includes risk factors, eating habits, psychological profile and time of life.

A multidisciplinary team will study your case in depth and advise you about the best treatment.