Quality: JCI + EFQM

Hospital Quirón Teknon is committed to providing an excellent service. To ensure that this is the case the centre implements a strict culture of quality management, following strict controls that have been approved by the prestigious US-based Joint Commission International, and has obtained credentials as the accreditation of inpatient acute care centers of the Generalitat of Catalonia (based on the excellence model of the EFQM European Foundation for Quality Management), among other quality indicators.

Hospital Quirón Teknon obtained accreditation from the Joint Commission International, an organisation that evaluates medical centres in the USA and those international centres that voluntarily undergo inspection, in December 2002. This credential was renewed in March 2006, June 2010 and June 2013. This prestigious, distinctive international accreditation certifies and provides patients with a guarantee of compliance with international quality standards of excellence. Accreditation from the Joint Commission International is the result and consolidation of the work that the centre has carried out for over 15 years, aiming to provide a top-quality medical and treatment service in order to become a benchmark in quality and professionalism.

The EFQM model, based on quality as a strategy, helps establish a management model that enables the centre to understand its own system of operation in order to evolve towards business excellence. With the aim of promoting excellence in service organisations, the EFQM model is an instrument that enables the activities of and results for an institution to be assessed.

Hospital Quirón Teknon is one of the few Spanish institutions to boast both types of accreditation, thanks to its quality management culture aimed at providing the best possible patient treatment and satisfaction, with maximum peace of mind.