Vascular surgery

Prevention is an important part of the approach to the circulatory diseases

Blood systemFor this reason the specialists of the Centro Médico Teknon, together with those of the Instituto Cardiovascular Teknon, perform vascular checks that are specially dedicated to the control of vascular risk factors (hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolaemia, tobacco use).
Circulatory disease (arterial, venous or lymphatic) can present as:

  • Varicose veins
  • Thrombosis
  • Ischaemia of the limbs
  • Aneurisms
  • Lymphoedema

To diagnose and treat these pathologies, we offer a comprehensive service that unites all the techniques and therapies, with wide experience in direct arterial surgery of the limbs, varicose vein surgery, aneurism surgery and carotid surgery.

  • We especially undertake minimally invasive techniques, along with complementary therapies that are very useful in many diseases.
  • Endovascular surgery
  • Aortic endoprosthesis for the treatment of aneurisms
  • Ergometry
  • Study of the circulation of the supra-aortic trunks