Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

What better than one's own blood?

Doctor and patientAt Centro Médico Teknon we keep and optimise the patient's own blood. Based on the innovative Blood Management (rational use of blood) concept, the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Unit operates with new strategies based on scientific evidence, enhancing the doctor-patient relationship so that they can together establish a therapeutic plan according to the patient's personal values and options. Throughout the process, a multidisciplinary team performs procedures to optimise and recover your own blood using advanced techniques to maintain your haemoglobin levels before, during and after surgery or medical treatment.

What are the benefits of bloodless medicine and surgery?

  • The patient recovers faster: the unit's strategy is based on prevention and anticipation. Together with the doctor's expert hand, personalised treatment and the use of minimally invasive techniques, it favours recovery and reduces hospitalisation time.
  • It reduces possible infections and other complications associated to transfusions.
  • Social benefit: it preserves a scarce asset, blood, which is kept for the patients in whom it is strictly necessary.

Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Unit

The Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Unit provides first-class comprehensive care if you decide to undergo a medical or surgical process without using external blood or blood products. This is an innovative, alternative concept of medicine, developed in view of a growing demand for these treatments for religious, immunological or personal reasons, preventing the associated potential risks. In order to provide you with the best care and satisfaction with the utmost safety, Centro Médico Teknon provides a team of experts in processes and cutting-edge techniques that do not make use of blood banks. We know that the certainty of receiving the best care according to your needs, values and preferences is very important for you.

Why in Centro Médico Teknon?

Teknon is a pioneer in the application of Blood Management, an innovative medical concept, and the only clinic in Spain to provide a complete Bloodless Medicine and Surgery service capable of covering all medical or surgical specialities, even the most complex such as cardiac, oncological and orthopaedic surgery. Teknon personalises each patient's care, analysing each case in detail to provide the best treatment and an individualised follow-up process. This programme is operative 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.