Adult Haematology

Study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the cells and of the blood

AnalysisHaematology is a speciality concerned with the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the cells and of the blood. It can be divided into two large disease groups:

  • Haemato-oncologic diseases: these are the cancerous diseases of the blood. Some of these diseases may be treated at some stage of their development with a stem-cell transplant. The specialists of the Centro Médico Teknon offer a comprehensive and personalized diagnosis for patients that present lymphoproliferative diseases (lymphomas, leukaemias) as well as the most advanced and advisable treatments for each case.
  • Non-oncologic haematological diseases: these are very diverse diseases that can be produced by genetic changes (hereditary), lack of a mineral (iron), change in a mechanism that regulates absorption of minerals or vitamins, lack of a vitamin (B12), production of antibodies (against red cells, white cells, platelets or coagulation factors), and can be a symptom of other non-haematological diseases (allergies, respiratory problems). In addition, in Teknon, we treat patients receiving oral anticoagulant treatment (Sintrom® and Aldocumar®) for various diseases.

The specialists of Teknon and the Instituto Oncológico Teknon determine the diagnosis and offer the treatment and follow-up that are most appropriate for the pathology or disease of the blood with the maximum professionalism. The treatments and techniques offered in this speciality are the following:

  • Non-oncologic haematological diseases
  • Blood coagulation diseases
  • Oral anticoagulant treatment
  • Donation of umbilical cord blood
  • Lymph nodes and adenopathies
  • Lymphomas
  • Chronic lymphatic leukaemia

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