Provides high quality specialized health care thanks to its structure

The Teknon Oncology Institute (IOT) provides high quality specialized health care thanks to its structure, composed of:

  • A central healthcare area, where the entire diagnostic and therapeutical activity required by each case is coordinated.
  • A doctor's office area, where patients with first appointments are visited and those patients following a treatment are monitored.
  • The radiotherapy department comprised of state-of-the-art technology for the Radio-oncology field.
  • The Oncology Day Hospital, which contains individual units where the chemotherapy treatments are performed.
  • The oncologic pharmacy, exclusively devoted to the preparation of cytostatics.
  • Departments within the Centro Médico Teknon's Campus that provide oncologic services, including Diagnostic Imaging (CT scan, MRI), Nuclear Medicine and PET scan, Anatomical Pathology, Analytical Laboratory and the Emergency, Nutrition or Pain Relief Departments.