crisi epilepsiacrisi epilepsia

How can I identify an epileptic seizure?

How can I identify an epileptic seizure?

Symptoms may vary depending on where in the brain the seizure takes place. In general, seizures are characterized by fainting and convulsions or confusion and muscle spasms.

What should I do if someone near me has a seizure?

There are a number of guidelines we should follow immediately if someone near us has a seizure. We recommend taking the following steps:

1. Remain calm.

2. Prevent the victim from falling to the floor. Lower them to the ground gently. Make sure they are a safe distance from any sharp or dangerous objects so they do not hurt themselves.

3. Place something soft under their head to protect it.

4. Do not place anything in their mouth or give them anything to drink. This does not serve any practical purpose and may do more harm than good. You may orally administer midazolam if any is at hand.

5. Do not try to restrict movements caused by the seizure, as this may provoke a violent reaction.

6. Remain beside the victim until the seizure ceases.

7. See if they have regained consciousness by asking them simple questions.

8. Call a doctor.