Sperm freezing

The samples of sperm are cooled and kept for an unlimited time.

Sperm freezingWhat does this technique involve?

The samples of sperm are cooled and stored in liquid Nitrogen (at -196°C) and can be kept for an unlimited time.

The sample is assessed in the laboratory to confirm that it can be frozen.

What are the main applications of freezing sperm?

The main indications for freezing sperm are:

  • Preservation of fertility in patients who are about to start treatment which may reduce their fertility or result in infertility (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, vasectomy).
  • Creating sperm banks.
  • In assisted reproduction treatments, to overcome the possible psychological block that prevents a male from producing a sample on the day of treatment or to avoid incompatibility of schedules or dates between the partners for the day of treatment.
  • Use of the frozen sperm sample for Egg Donation treatments, in order to preserve the anonymity required by law.
  • To make Assisted Reproduction possible in serodiscordant couples.

What is a sperm bank?

A sperm bank is a container of liquid nitrogen in which cryopreserved samples from different males are stored in order to keep them for future use.

What are the requirements for being a donor?

The law stipulates that donors must be aged between 18 and 50, be in good health, both physically and psychologically and not suffer from genetic, hereditary or infectious diseases.

When is freezing your own sperm recommended?

Freezing sperm is always recommended if:

  • You are about to begin treatment which may reduce your fertility or result in infertility, as in the case of cancer treatment, testicular surgery or vasectomies.
  • You are producing sperm that are deteriorating in quality and there is the risk that in the future, your sperm may not be viable for reproduction. You think you may have difficulty producing a sample on the day of the fertility treatment, whether because of a mental-block or incompatibility of schedules.