Dr. Carlotta Zonza

  • Carlotta ZonzaDegree in Biology. University of Cagliari. Italy (2004). Qualification approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (Spain)
  • Thesis on Human Genetics: "Deletion Syndrome" (22 g 11)
  • Official Postgraduate Master's degree in Assisted Human Reproduction Biotechnology. University of Valencia (2006-2008)
  • Member of Asociación para el Estudio de la Reproducción (ASEBIR) [Association for the Study of Reproduction], 2010. Col·legi de Biòlegs de Cataluny. Number: 21702-C
  • Different courses specializing in assisted reproductive techniques, such as additional training in the specialty.
  • Areas of special interest: Vitrification ofoocytes and embryos, blastocyst culture
  • International Coordinator FIV
  • Languages: Italian, Spanish, Catalan and English