Shaped beam radiosurgery Novalis / Radiotherapy Unit

Suitable Treatment for your Diagnosis

Non-surgical treatment options

Learning that you have a brain tumour or a vascular malformation can cause anxiety and many questions may arise. Being as well-informed as possible about your condition and prognosis becomes a priority, especially in regards to choosing the treatment that best fits your disease.

We will explain below a non-surgical treatment used for brain tumours and vascular malformations - Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery™. In the Radiation Oncology Department of Centro Médico Teknon, our main goal is to choose the treatment that best fits your disease and also maintains quality of life during the treatment, and permits you to resume your normal life as soon as possible.

Your care is in the best hands

One of the priorities in Centro Médico Teknon is achieving the highest level in every single aspect of our services, including patient care, clinical research, treatment, follow-up and cancer prevention, as well as public and professional education.

Radiosurgery Unit within the Radiation Oncology Department

Our medical staff is composed of a wide range of experts specializing in diseases of the central nervous systems (neurooncologists, neurosurgeons, radiooncologists and radiologists). Every doctor, assisted by a team of technicians and nurses, works with cutting-edge technology in order to optimize the treatment of brain tumours and vascular malformations to the utmost.