The CLL treatment depends on the age and the level of activity of the disease. Whereas some patients will only need periodic monitoring with blood tests, other ones will need treatment to control the disease.

There is no standard treatment for CLL patients. The ongoing trend is to administer new combinations of treatments capable of making the disease disappear in a significant number of cases. The Hematology Oncology Department in IOT is composed of nationwide and worlwide reference specialists in the treatment of this disease. Thus, new treatment methods using different chemotherapy treatments (fluradabine and the combinations thereof) are used. These advances in the treatment of CLL are very effective and do not have the disadvantages of traditional chemotherapy treatments.

Other treatment options are new biological therapies such as the use of different monoclonal antibodies such as MabCampath® (alemtuzumab) or Mabthera® (rituximab). By means of these drug combinations, a high clinical effectiveness together with a low toxicity have been achieved, allowing the patient to maintain a high quality of life.