The following reconstruction techniques may be used:

  • Implant. The reconstruction may be done with an implant placed beneath the pectoral chest muscle. If there is insufficient skin, a type of inflatable balloon is placed under the skin and the muscle where the breast will later be placed and is filled with saline solution. Although cosmetically, the result is not the same as when the patient's own tissue is used, it is a less complex operation and quicker to perform.
  • Autologous tissue. This technique uses the patient's own tissues, achieving a more natural result. The skin used for the reconstruction is usually taken from the patient's abdomen, back or buttocks. It is a more complex technique than the others, which means it takes longer to recover, and it leaves a bigger scar, but cosmetically, it provides better results and has minimal complications.
  • Mixed technique. This is the combination of the two techniques which provides optimal cosmetic results with the advantages of a less major operation.