Centro Médico Teknon has acquired a HFO (High Field Open) panoramic MRI system. With this equipment, Teknon will provide patients and professionals with the best possible images, a broad field of vision and wide range of clinical applications. The new system has a large 160 cm opening, a 360º panoramic view, and provides patients with an area that is three times larger than conventional cylindrical systems, making them more comfortable and relaxed; this is particularly important for patients with anxiety, the elderly, children, people with obesity or claustrophobia problems.

As well as performing all routine clinical applications with the best imaging quality (MRI of the head, spine, liver, pancreas, heart, foetus, ovaries, prostate, bile ducts and angio-MRI, etc.), the large space for the patient enables new clinical applications such as cinematic joint studies. Patients with implants also obtain better results with this equipment, as it provides a better image than other MRI systems in which image quality is affected by implants.