Why in the Centro Médico Teknon?

In the Centro Médico Teknon we understand obesity treatment as a complete programme that includes an assessment of your state of health, the therapeutic plan, modification of eating and other habits and a subsequent evaluation. The variety of treatments available enables us to design a plan tailored to your needs, achieving the best balance between weight loss and quality of life.

The Excess Weight and Obesity Unit is a multidisciplinary team that will study your case together in order to offer you the therapeutic option that best fits your state of health and preferences. A team of nutritionists, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, and endoscopists who have pioneered techniques such as the intragastric balloon or POSE and surgeons experienced in all bariatric surgery procedures.

For any surgery it is essential to choose the right clinic and team of specialists. The excellence of our clinic's procedures and medical care/treatments has been acknowledged by the renowned Joint Commission International. This seal, one of the most important on an international scale, guarantees the best quality, safety and precision in all treatments. Centro Médico Teknon is currently one of the few clinics that have this distinguished accreditation, fundamental in complex practices such as bariatric or endoscopic surgery, which minimises the risks and complications associated with these techniques.