Anaesthesiology and Pain Therapy - Pain Clinic

It is possible to live without pain

Pain therapyThe Centro Médico Teknon Pain Clinic, in partnership with Millennium Pain ManagementThis link opens in a popup window Chicago, is a multidisciplinary centre whose goal is the diagnosis, management and treatment of chronic pain (oncologic and non-oncologic). It also offers analgesic procedures to patients with diseases where they are required for rehabilitation. Our team performs comprehensive evaluation of the patient to identify the specific treatment needed, because it is possible to live without pain.

The Pain Clinic is a referral centre for patients sent for the study or treatment of chronic pain through a multidisciplinary approach.
The treatments that the speciality offers are:

  • Diagnostic techniques:
    • Opiate tests
    • Selective diagnostic peripheral, central and autonomic nerve system blocks
    • Epidurography - discography
    • Differential diagnostic blocks
  • Pain treatment:
    • Lidocaine perfusion
    • Morphine treatment
    • Transcutaneous electrostimulation
    • Trigger point infiltration
    • Denervation with botulinum toxin
    • Therapeutic peripheral, central and autonomic nerve system blocks (rehabilitation and neuromodulation)
    • Continuous perfusion pumps
    • Therapeutic epidural and transforaminal blocks
    • Radiofrequency denervation (rhizolysis)
    • Joint infiltrations (facet and large joints)
    • Epiduroplasty
  • Advanced treatments:
    • Chemical and thermal neurodestruction
    • Implantation of spinal and peripheral nerve stimulation systems
    • Implantation of subarachnoid infusion pumps (pain and spasticity)
    • Vertebroplasty
  • Back pain:
    • Sciatica
    • Epidural infiltration
    • Botulinum toxin
    • Radiofrequency
    • Spinal neurostimulation
  • Pain and cancer
  • Complementary techniques:
    • Complementary medicine
    • Behaviour modification
    • Physical rehabilitation